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Nutritional Drinks

Would you like to support your health through nutritional supplements but you don’t like swallowing tablets? Well then nutritional drinks are the solution for you. Reactpharma offers a variety of special and delicious nutritional drinks that are especially helpful if you have eating difficulties.

Are you worried about not eating properly or do you suffer from swallowing difficulties, weight loss or general eating problems, such as loss of appetite, sore mouth or diarrhoea?

Then we can help you with our broad range of nutritional drinks to make your life easier. Our nutritional drinks come in a variety of flavours, if sweet, such as strawberry, vanilla, peach and raspberry, chocolate or banana or savouries flavour like chicken or vegetable or even if you just want to add a neutral taste to your food, there will be something amongst them for you. We constantly provide new flavours of nutritional drinks so you will never get bored. Try different types to find which ones you like most.

Nutritional drinks can be served hot or cold, and can be modified to suit your taste by adding ice-cream, fresh fruit or other flavourings. Generally, they come in a powdered form and should be made up as directed on the packet. We supply non-prescription and prescription nutritional drinks. Our selection of nutritional drinks includes energy and protein supplements, nourishing puddings, nourishing drinks and milk shakes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on our nutritional drinks. Whatever your question, if you wish to find out what variety of nutritional drinks are available, which one is most suitable for you or to find out how our nutritional drinks can be used, we can help you.